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Organizing 101

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It is important for you as an employee to know and understand all your rights as a valuable part of your company. When working to unionize your store, there are certain things your employers cannot, by law, ask you about, threaten you with, or comment on. These regulations have been stipulated by the National Labor Relations Act. Should you become the victim of any of the following, contact a
union representative immediately.

Management cannot:

  • Threaten to fire, discharge or punish you should you engage in union activity.
  • Give employees who speak out against the union special favors or concessions, and they cannot promise employees promotions who initially support and then oppose forming a union.
  • Bar employee union representatives from talking with members during non-working hours.
  • Inquire about confidential union matters, including union meetings, union representatives or the union itself.
  • Ask you how you intend to vote, or whether or not you currently belong to a union or have signed up to belong to a union.
  • Alter your work assignments, your work environment, or working conditions with the intention of firing an employee based on his/her affiliation with the union.
  • Threaten or coerce you in an attempt to influence your vote.
  • Make threats regarding the discontinuation of benefits, wages, vacations, or job security should you and your fellow employees vote for a union.