United Food and Commercial Workers
UFCW Local 540 Texas

Shop Union

Good jobs depend on decisions people make every day. The best way to support the good wages and benefits we enjoy as Union members is to be sure and buy Union products whenever we can. Sometimes we may pay a few pennies more, but it’s worth it to know that the workers who made it have been paid and treated fairly.

SHOP UNION!! Support YOUR Local Union by purchasing brands and items that our members produce by patronizing the restaurants and companies that use their products

Tyson Foods NRH Pizza Hut (meat toppings), Taco Bell (fajita meat)
Campbell Soup All Brand Name Soups & Specialties, Old El Paso Salsa, Pace Picante Sauce
Silgan Can Company Produces aluminum cans for all Campbell’s Soups
Cargill Value Added Meat, Fort Worth Frozen Hamburger Patties
Pilgrim’s Pride Raw and Processed Poultry
Frito Lay All brand name chips and snacks
Tyson Foods-Center Raw and Processed Poultry
Tyson Foods-Carthage Raw and Processed Poultry
Quaker Oats Gatorade, Propel Sport Drinks
Huhtamaki Packaging Popeye’s Chicken, Pizza Hut, Churches Chicken (Boxes & Wrappers)
Kroger Grocery Grocery store
Ardent Mills Martha White Flour & Mixes, CiCi’s Pizza, Dominos, Bimbo (Wholesale supplies)
South Star Meat Warehouse for Kroger
Cargill Meat Solutions, Friona, TX Fresh & cryovac beef
JBS & Tannery Fresh & cryovac beef
Albertson’s El Paso Meat market